My Irresponsible Brother Forgot the Air Filter

My sibling has never been the most responsible man in our family! Even though he’s older than me, he’s constantly forgetting things, he has no sense of time, plus he’s somewhat naive.

I like him dearly plus he has a lot of other strong suits, however responsibility is just not one of them.

When he went off to college for the first time, everyone in the family thought that he’d either die or come beach house within a few weeks. We never thought he’d survive on his own. Our mom had woken him up for school his entire life plus she’d consistently been there to keep him on course, however going to college was a true sink or swim situation for him. Somehow, he managed to survive all more than three years plus he graduated on time. A few years later, when he told us that he was purchasing his first house, both of us were shocked. Although he was slightly more responsible, he still wasn’t thriving. Having a beach house was a sizable responsibility, especially when there were things like Heating, Ventilation & A/C systems to take care of. When I was helping him transport in, I noticed the air quality was dusty plus musty. I thought it was because both of us were stirring all the ancient dust up while bringing in packages. When I made a comment about changing the air filter, my sibling casually mentioned that he took the ancient air filter out because it was dirty. However, he never said anything about putting a new one in. Turns out, he never put a new air filter in the system!


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