My HVAC professional knows his business

It’s interesting who you meet on a golf course.

At least, that’s been the case with me all of my adult life.

My dad taught me golf because he loved the game but there were other motivations for us getting out of the air conditioning. We’d play lots of golf together and he taught me a lot about how business can get done on the golf course. I sort of thought that was lame at the time. I wanted to work inside a big, downtown office with my own thermostat. This was much the way my dad spent his days and I wanted to model that. But he was right, I have ended up creating and investing in business relationships on the golf course. HOwever, I’ve also really enjoyed meeting and learning about other folks. I play in a league that is not super serious but isn’t just an excuse to drink beer either. While we all love being out of the central air conditioning of our homes, we’re also all competing. We welcomed a new member to the league this year and he turned out to be an HVAC professional. He works for a local HVAC company as an HVAC contractor. We got to talking one day about what it took for him to get where he is. I was stunned by the number of classes, certifications and licenses this HVAC professional had. It only further proved to me that I am in good hands with any HVAC professional because they are experts in their field. Plus, the guy is like a ten handicap and destroyed me all season.


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