My heating and cooling serviceman consistently compliments the odor of our beach apartment cooking

I started cooking with our parents when I was only 4 years old. They taught myself and others how to mash potatoes and I was in heaven when I ate them and realized I had helped with the process. I credit them both for instilling a appreciate for cooking in our mind that has carried over into the current morning. Although I gave up the method of cooking professionally when I quit our task as an assistant cook and went to school for IT, I still cook nearly all of our meals throughout the week. It’s a satisfying experience for me, and I even created a standing workstation in the kitchen that I can use to keep working while using the fry pan or soup pot. I don’t have to run back and forth to our beach apartment office this way, at least when I’m in the process of cooking, eating, or enjoying TV from the screen in the kitchen that I can absolutely see from the kitchen counter. As much money as I save by cooking all of our food, I also save on heating and cooling service and repairs by signing up for maintenance contracts. You pay an annual rate and it includes 4 service appointments and filter replacements. My HVAC serviceman will top-off our refrigerant while running diagnostics on the whole method to make sure there aren’t any troubles that need to be fixed. One thing that he consistently mentions when he arrives is how nice the apartment odors! It’s consistently from whatever food I have cooking in the kitchen, so I consistently offer some to him when he’s ready to leave if the meal is finished and ready to serve.



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