My first word

I wanted to show you how you can use multiple words “that” in a row in a sentence which makes sense.

It basically is a question asking if you knew about a boy who wrote his first word, which happened to be the word that. Does that make sense to you, or am I totally nuts? Maybe it makes sense to you and I am totally nuts. I was trying to tell this to someone else a single day and they just walked away confused and a bit scared. Anyway, this week I am going to work on my Heating and A/C device, particularally my small portable radiant heater, to get it working again before the particularly cold weather comes. I know both of us are going to go below chilly soon and want to have some kind of heat in my flat before that happens. I have a superb Heating and A/C specialist acquaintance who may come over to help me, as long as I don’t frighten him away with some odd sentence structure examples. Another a single I have is; “was it or wasn’t it not I who told you to stop from avoiding not making your bed”? This was a joke I would tell at the local company about my mom being confusing about the way he would ask myself and others if I made my bed or not. This was all area of my standup comedy act which I used to do a few years ago, maybe that is why I stopped doing it because it was too confusing for people. So anyway, back to my heating unit repair task. See ya!


Heating technician