My fiance loves the cooling up north

It totally amazes me how odd my fiance and I are when actually compared to each other.

The saying opposites attract sincerely is true for us.

My fiance is a cat person, while I am a big dog person. My fiance prefers anything involving instruments and making creative songs, while I couldn’t care less and I appreciate the garden, which my fiance doesn’t care for… Another difference is the fact that my fiance wanted comfy clothes while I like anything designer. Anyways, despite our differences we did share a bunch of similarities as well! We both loved philosophy, as well as talking about the paranormal side of the planet. Well, at the end of the year, we planned on celebrating our anniversary by taking a trip down to the southern states. Our holiday was going to be bungee jumping, as that was another thing we both preferred, we both loved the thrill and adrenaline of doing dangerous things. Our holiday was wonderful and by the end, I found myself having the wish to stay in the southern states. I truly loved the heat and warmth all afternoon. When I told my fiance, he looked at me as if I were crazy. He told me, no thanks, I’m staying up north. I suppose that was another difference between us, he loved the cooling of the northern states, meanwhile, I preferred the heating of the southern states. So to help compromise with this situation, I ended up using the oil furnace a lot more in the northern states. With the oil furnace machine, it almost felt as if we were actually on holiday all over again.


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