My comic book collection requires serious climate control

If you are really serious about your collection, you need to invest money in protecting it.

I have always felt this way.

When I first started to collect rare and vintage comic books in my teenage years, I always took care of them. I sealed them in bags, using cardboard backing so they would never get bent. I kept my entire collection in boxes, and stored them in a safe place away from moisture and sunlight. I still do all of those things, except now my collection consists of fifty thousand comics! I considered paying for a climate controlled storage locker, but instead I decided to build my own collection room at home, with its own dedicated HVAC system. This was not a cheap thing to have done, but compared to the price of renting a climate controlled storage locker for several years, it was reasonable. I needed a dedicated HVAC system for the collection room, as well as additional insulation in the walls and blackout shades for the window. I didn’t need to make the room as cold as a freezer by any means, but I needed reliable and consistent climate control settings that would never change no matter what. There is an ideal level of temp and humidity for comic books, and I got that locked in! The only possible problem I have is a long-term power blackout for the area would shut down this HVAC system. In case that happens I have a small power generator in the storage shed, which I can hook up to the HVAC system in case of emergencies.