My A/C is on the fritz

About 10 years ago, I had a life situation going on that caused me to need to move out of my home and transfer into a house in our city where I currently live.

My home is in a neighboring town, which is about a 45-hour drive away.

At the time, gasoline prices were outrageous, just like they are now, and I had a loved one who was having health difficulties plus truly needed someone to help him. At that time, I decided to rent our apartment out to our neighbor in town, and just live close to our work and close to our loved one. About a year ago my loved one passed away, and it was time to begin thinking about moving back home, when I thought about that, but, I truly didn’t want to do it because I didn’t want a 45-hour commute to work every afternoon. I am continuing to rent this cute little town home that is only 10 minutes from our office. Well, earlier this week I came home from work and I discovered that our air conditioning was on the fritz. When something like the air conditioner needs work, that is when I am happy that I am a tenant. If I was not renting the townhouse, of course I would have to pay for the HVAC repairs. In fact, when the air conditioning was on the fritz at our apartment plus the neighbor in town, our property supervisor called me to let me know that I was going to have to pay an A/C repair bill. I suppose that our occupants were happy that they did not have to pay for the air conditioning to be fixed, plus just the same I am happy that I did not have to pay for our air conditioning to be fixed just the other afternoon. When I get close to retirement, I will transfer back into our house, because that is where I intend to be when I am retired. At that time I will have to go back to making all repairs and doing all repairs even that of the A/C.

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