Moving further west, where the air quality is so dry

The southwestern section of the country is a place of unmatched beauty, but i am an artist, a single who is slowly building a reputation for high quality landscapes painted with oil paints on canvas, but over the years I amassed enough currency to allow myself and others to live out a single of my dreams.

I wanted to transport out to the sandy desert of the southwest as well as live in a cottage or bungalow, where I could be a hermit as well as focus genuinely on my art! The weather here is hot, however dry, which is a welcome change! What is not as welcome is the awful air quality, because the complete absence of humidity has been wreaking havoc on my respiratory system.

I immediately had to invest in a new humidifier for my cottage, however even that wasn’t enough. I consulted an online air quality expert, who was also a certified Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech, as well as asked for some pointers. I love my new house, as well as the beauty of the surrounding land, so I don’t want it ruined because of awful air quality. The expert said that the easiest solution would be to buy another, much larger, humidifier for the cottage. Obviously I needed an excess of moisture in the air, so adding more humidifiers would be the quickest fix, then he also gave myself and others an method about setting up a buffer zone in the front hall of my house, as an extra layer of defense for my indoor air quality. I am committed to making my new apartment work, so I will follow all the advice the Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech gave myself and others as well as hope that it works.
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