More trips to the cabin thanks to HVAC technology

In my mind, the cabin was always the very best place to be.

I loved everything about it but then again, it was easy to love. From the first time I got to go up there as a kid until now, I’ve loved that place. However, I do understand it it was also pretty basic and not very appealing to the rest of the family. My brothers and I inherited that cabin from our parents. We had been discussing updating the cabin for a while. Stuff like residential HVAC and good couches, etcetera. We were all sort of worried about doing too much and losing the feel of that cabin. None of us wanted to transform it into something we didn’t recognize. But the need for something more updated was apparent. None of our families wanted to leave the central air conditioning of our homes to spend the weekends at the cabin. And it wasn’t just the heating and cooling equipment that was keeping our kids and wives at home. The kitchen needed big help. That’s where we started. We found some decent appliances that were slightly used. And we took those up there. Then we worked on improving the furniture and the beds. Once that was done, we thoroughly cleaned the place and then gave it a new coat of paint. The finishing touch was having the HVAC professionals come all the way out there to install a ductless multi split system. We now have three ductless heat pumps in that cabin and it’s super comfortable.


Cooling equipment