Mom was so mad at the resort for the lack of air conditioning

2020 was the first year we hadn’t been on a family vacation ever since I was a baby.

Mom and dad always made it possible for us to travel worldwide.

My sister and I knew so many lovely places and cultures. I even decided I’d go to university in one of the countries we visited after high school. However, 2020 was so scary that we barely left our home that entire summer. Everyone was on high alert, and only dad got to go to work at the hospital. He always came home looking sad and worried. 2021 was a bit better, and we got to travel within. Mom booked a hotel at the beach, which seemed quite nice and had the best air conditioning. It was so hot that air conditioning was at the top of the list when looking for the best vacation resort. It had some lovely villas with thatch roofs and was somewhere we always wanted to visit. However, the villa proved disappointing when we realized the air conditioning wasn’t working. The moment we walked in, we knew there was no air conditioning since the space felt hot and muggy. Mom turned to our baggage carrier and immediately demanded an explanation for the lack of air conditioning. He wasn’t aware of this and rushed to fetch a manager. It turns out no one had assessed the villa as we were checking in to see if the air conditioning was working. We had to switch to another one as they tried to figure out the issue with the air conditioner in the villa.

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