Modular affordable homes weren’t so affordable for me.

My brother-in-law works for a modular home production company, he drove the truck loaded with a modular affordable home, and he helped set up on the property where it would stand for the next several decades.

He enjoyed his task and said the houses were easy to set up, however they didn’t build them & they could be. He said it took a team of several people to take the modular affordable home off the truck and put it together, however it came in many pieces and they put them together with giant clips. Once all the trimming was in location, you didn’t think where a single part of the modular affordable home started and the other ended. He said they called them modular affordable homes, however the cost was almost twice as much as it cost to build them, even when you added in the shipping and men’s spend our savings for putting it up on the property. I looked into a modular affordable home after our divorce. I didn’t want to keep the farmhouse I lived in during our marriage, and I didn’t want to take it from our ex. He provided me a settlement, however I didn’t want to spend it all on a home, when I saw the price I had to spend our savings for a modular affordable home, I rented an lake house for a while and saved the currency. Eventually, I would find a home I legitimately liked, and it would be a home and not just a modular home. I didn’t need to buy a home within weeks of being divorced.

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