Making the bedroom comfortable

I am expecting guests to come over this weekend and so I’m doing my best to make my spare bedroom comfortable for them.

I’ve gone over all the things I thought they would be able to use, and I realized that they would probably like to have some sort of way to control the temperature of the room.

For this I had a zone controlled HVAC system. I know some people can be really picky about their heating and AC temperature, and so I figured that by using the zone control heating and AC system they would be able to put their temperatures at whatever they wanted while they were staring over. This way if I wanted to have the house at temperature, but the guest wanted the house at another temperature, they could adjust the temperature of the room to whatever they wanted to feel the most comfortable. I decided to have the same control HVAC system installed in my home last year after having family come over often. If you know anything about my family then you’ll know that everybody has different temperature preferences and because of this some arguments might start. My uncle for example always has to have his temperature the way he wants it even if it’s not his house. I wanted to hear if I felt comfortable so I had the zone control HVAC system installed. It’s used for working great too because everybody has had to have their pictures where they want them and nobody has complained so far.

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