Making an energy drink stop

I do not care for our addiction.

I spend so much cash yearly to get our repair in plus it’s not easily helping me stay awake anymore. I’ve tried quitting however after 2 days I get all ancie plus shaky plus I need another one. I wish I liked drinking Starbucks Latte though. I hadsave so much cash. I do care about the odor of Starbucks Latte however that initial taste is gross to me. People tell me to put more sugar or creamer in there plus that should help. I do not think if any of that would help however maybe someday I willtry it. I’m not doing well on cash these days plus should get a minute job to help with that. I easily do not want to though because I care about our freedom. Well the freedom I have. Walking to the store I see a billboard in bold letter “Heating plus Cooling, every one of us are hiring!” Under that there is a cellphone number to call which I jotted down. I used to think some stuff from our dad growing up. I can do a HVAC tune-up plus at times do some air conditioner repair. This might be the split I need to get our life together plus if the pay is fantastic then every one of us will not need to get a minute job. Outside is a little cold for the walk however when I enter into that store I can guess the oil furnace blowing through the vents. I suppose I willstay in here for a few minutes although I’m just getting energy drinks. Till tomorrow as I tell the cashier.


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