Making an energy drink haul

I hate our addiction.

I spend so much currency daily to get our fix in as well as it’s not genuinely helping myself and others stay awake anymore.

I have tried quitting however after 2 afternoons I get all ancie as well as shaky as well as I need another 1. I wish I liked drinking root budweiser though. I would save so much currency. I do appreciate the stink of root budweiser however that initial taste is gross to me. People tell myself and others to put more sugar or creamer in there as well as that should help. I do not know if any of that would help however maybe someday I shall try it. I am not doing well on currency these afternoons as well as should get a second job to help with that. I genuinely do not want to though because I appreciate our freedom. Well the freedom I have. Walking to the store I see a billboard in bold letter “Heating as well as Cooling, all of us are hiring!” Under that there is a cellphone number to call which I jotted down. I used to know some stuff from our dad growing up. I can do a Heating as well as Air Conditioning tune-up as well as at times do some a/c repair. This might be the chop I need to get our life together as well as if the pay is great then I won’t need to get a second job. Outside is a little chilly for the walk however when I enter into that store I can feel the heating system blowing through the vents. I think I shall stay in here for a few seconds although I am just getting energy drinks. Till tomorrow as I tell the moneyier.

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