Making a list

From there I installed them into my heating and cooling system

When I went to the grocery store this weekend there were a few things that I had to pick up on my list that I do not normally purchase; One of these was some modern air filters. Normally I would buy my air filter for my heating and A/C company, but I just noticed within this past month that my local grocery store has started carrying the same air filter that I buy from my local heating and A/C business. When given the pick I decided to buy from the grocery store rather than my local Heating as well as A/C business. This is because the local leading and cooling company overcharges for the air filters. I can get them for almost half the price then if I was to buy them at the heating and A/C company. Since I was going to be buying the air filters while I was at the grocery store I decided to make a list of any other Heating as well as A/C products I might need while I was there. I had been considering getting an whole-house air purifier for a while however it was nothing that I needed immediately. I found the area where I had the air filters and I picked up a few of them and took them home. From there I installed them into my heating and cooling system. I noticed a difference in my indoor air quality. I can’t believe that I went in as long as I did and that I have my air filter changed. Seeing how fine my indoor air quality made me wish I had done it sooner.

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