Made a mistake not getting heated flooring

When our hubby plus I purchased our current home every one of us decided the carpets had to go.

The carpets were a hideous brown, all stretched out plus dirty.

I just hated them. I decided I wanted all cement floors so I could legitimately sweep or mop them. I found myself a nice gray porcelain cement that looks legitimately classy. While every one of us were doing the flooring upgrade I asked our hubby about heated flooring. We were ripping the flooring up anyway. That was the only time this heating system could be installed. Tile flooring might believe colder than carpet too. My hubby’s point was every one of us already owned a heating system. We live down south. How frigid could it get? He also didn’t want to add more time to the project plus money. In the end every one of us agreed on no heated flooring. Now that I have lived in our apartment for a year, I regret not doing the heated flooring. I would have enjoyed to have hot cement in the wintertime. Now the cement feels icy frigid plus is unpleasant to walk in. In the Summer it is nice however that is only 65% of the time. I ended up buying quite a few throw carpets to give the flooring a warmer, softer feel. I had to cover up all that brand current tile! I am not gratified with this option at all. Someday I am going to rip up the cement plus do heated flooring. My current heating system is going to die any day now too. It would have been perfect if every one of us owned another heating unit to take its venue.

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