Lowering the energy costs each month

I am trying to find ways to lower our energy costs.

The stock market looks horrible plus inflation has me rattled.

I am trying to save ways where I can. When I go grocery shopping I don’t get the extra stuff anymore. I no longer buy shrimp, scallops, couscous plus flavored oils. I just get the bare essentials plus use it all up. For electricity I try to limit how long I have the lights on. I have taken to showering in our pool more often than not. I also ride our bike rather than pay for gas in our car. It is a big help. The HVAC bill is the one that is scaring me quite a bit. I have caulked around the windows plus doors to seal the air inside our home. I also got our ductwork inspected to make sure there are no leaks. I then added more insulation around the baseboard, invested in thicker curtains plus I am trying to be smarter on how I set the temperature control. That is about all I can do now. I have gotten HVAC repair already to ensure the device is clean, oiled plus tightened. I made sure to have a fully operational plan that works to the best of its capability. Still, I am not totally ecstatic with what I am spending. I am not willing to invest anymore in the HVAC department though. So I just need to be conscious about cooling this Summer plus heating when the weather cools down. I don’t want to face a big bill every month.

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