Living the wonderful life with a fireplace

I’m down to about an hour of work left for the day plus it is still the morning for another 25 minutes.

It is kind of nice having your workday done by the time everyone are just taking a supper break.

It gives me plenty of time for myself plus time to do the things I would normally be doing near the end of the day. I like to go shopping for food when everyone are still working, which is usually around 3pm or so, plus after that my pal and I am done plus avoid the long lines in the air conditioned stores where I shop. I got my shopping down to a science, only going to the store three times a month for about 20 minutes at a time. I leave my climate controlled flat plus walk three minutes to the local business, after that my pal and I get my shopping done actually suddenly as I pretty much eat the same foods each week, plus after that my pal and I am apartment three minutes later plus am putting it all away. That trip for food lasts me about ten days before I need to do it again, so it makes shopping not so bad when it is only a few times a month, then the refrigerated foods last a long time as my fridge is nice plus cold plus keeps the fruit plus veggies fresh for a long time. I like to shop at the local business near my flat because it is close plus the climate control makes for a nice shopping experience when you are in the arena.


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