Learned a lesson in HVAC technology gains

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 26 years since we bought this house and had the HVAC unit installed.

We actually made out like bandits on this house because the owner didn’t want to do anything.

He just wanted out and didn’t want to do anything to add value to the house. We happened to be in the right place at the right time. Essentially, we took the place as is. And that meant there was a lot of work to do. Yet, it was livable for sure outside of the heating and cooling. That old HVAC unit was barely able to eek out any sort of heating and cooling. So we simply had to start the renovations there. I remember working with the HVAC contractor to get the most residential HVAC for the amount of money we had at the time. We ended up going just a bit over budget for that HVAC equipment. But wow, did we ever get our value out of it. Of course, the HVAC equipment always got seasonal HVAC maintenance every year starting at year one. So there is definitely a great deal of value in HVAC maintenance. I’m here to attest to that. Decades later, I’m in the process of replacing that old HVAC unit and I’m really getting a lesson in residential HVAC. The evolution of HVAC technology has been remarkable in the past 25 years. The new HVAC equipment I’m putting in my house is almost three time more efficient than the one that’s finished it quality heating and air mission.

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