Last heating tune up to do

I will write one more story and then take a little cut and do a short meditation to calm down my mind.

It got a bit riled up this afternoon with the bank sending me a bunch of emails saying they need all of this information from me to keep my account up and running. It is plugged right now and I am glad I have another account to use or else I would have no money to buy food and such. I guess they will unblock it soon because I sent them all of the info they wanted. Heating unit service will be the next fire to put out as my space heating system bit the dust last month and I am going to try and service it this week. I am pretty great at fixing things, being an engineer and all, and I don’t mind tinkering around with things like this because it is actually kind of fun for me. I could call the heating corp and have them send someone out to service it for me despite the fact that I guess I could service the heating unit just as fast as one of their people could. Once I am done with this I will go hit the streets and hand out some of our band’s business cards to the bars in neighborhood to see if anyone wants us to play at night. If no local businesses in neighborhood want us to perform then I will go to the sizable city nearby and hand out the cards to some local businesss in town.

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