Kid Next Door is Probably Going to be a Public Speaker or Something

I’m listening to the five year old boy next door yelling into an intercom or something.

He does this a lot, which leads me to believe he likes the sound of his voice and is going to use it for something in the future.

I think it is cool that he is doing this as I can relate being a performing artist myself. It is good because it gives me some leeway when I am loud here practicing my singing or whatever. I work early in the morning for the cooling and heating contractor, but luckily the boy isn’t being loud late at night because he also gets up early for school. My bedroom is in the back anyway and I probably wouldn’t hear a thing seeing that I sleep with earplugs each night. Today I am going to shop at this local business near me for a new wifi programmable smart thermostat for my HVAC system. I have a little extra money, just a little so don’t be jealous, and I figured I should blow it on something that will make me more comfortable in my flat. I would like a smart thermostat because my old dial thermostat is so out of calibration that it sometimes turns on the AC in the middle of the winter. I guess it has run its course and given me many years of service, but it’s time has come and change is good so it is going to go to the dump pretty soon to join all of the other HVAC devices that no longer served their owners.

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