Just won’t go back due to HVAC issues

I gave it three tries. That seems more than fair for sure. But, it looks like we’re not going back to what is a promising little, local restaurant. That’s a shame too because it has nothing to do with food or service. The reason we won’t be going back is because the commercial HVAC in that restaurant needs to be replaced. I’m actually not even sure that it’s even a commercial HVAC application that’s attempting to provide the heating and cooling to that space. But whatever it is, it’s so not enough. Our local climate is on the hot and humid side. Like there are HVAC cooling needs that can crop up as early as mid March with days in the mid to upper 80’s. Now at our home, we don’t go right for flipping the thermostat over to HVAC cooling. Yet, when we are spending money for dinner out, we have the basic expectation of at least average quality heating and air. That’s just not what we got with this excellent restaurant that opened this year. It’s June now and we’ve tried three times. The last time, we actually had to have our entrees boxed because it was so stifling hot in there. I made it clear to the owner that we loved the food, the service was excellent but until they got the air conditioning figured out, we just wouldn’t be back at all. I hate to see such a talented chef and impressive staff get undercut because of something so basic. I hate to think that all those people could lose their jobs this summer because of a lack of basic HVAC cooling.


a/c workman