Just two rooms needed sun control window film

My house is pretty darn shaded.

I have woods on all four sides of me.

Frequently my husband and I are trying to get light in the house. We have painted the rooms all light colors. We have added more overhead lights and outdoor lighting. We even have added significantly more windows in the house all in the name of making things brighter. What is odd is that there are only two rooms in the house that get sun exposure. My husband’s office has sunlight pouring into it at a certain time of day. The guest bathroom also gets quite a bit of sun around the afternoon. It seemed wrong to block off the only sun with blinds or curtains. I know my husband really enjoyed his office view as well. I started looking online and found that there are residential sun control window films. You add a proactive layer inside the house on the glass. You can choose to have it clear or opaque from the outside. We decided to make it visible from inside and outside the house. So our sun control window film only has a slight light gray tint that doesn’t affect the view. All it does is stop the sun from coming inside the house and prevents the glare in my husband’s eyes. Now the office doesn’t feel so darn hot in the afternoon either. He can enjoy working with a view all day. The bathroom also is much better with the window film. Only doing those two windows was very cost effective as well.


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