Just Had a Great Meditation Session Today

I just had such a relaxing meditation session as it put me in a deep state of relaxation and now I feel refreshed and recharged.

This is how those ice cold sea water dips make me feel too but it is the middle of summer and cold sea dips are far off in the distant past till winter rolls around again.

I think I fell asleep some during this meditation session but I did get into a good deep state of meditation before sleeping. It helps reset my mind and teaches me to have patience. The HEPA filter salesman at the old local business got me into meditating before he passed away last year. I used to look forward to seeing him each day when I went for my walk beside the HVAC company where he worked for so long. I still look for him when I walk by, hoping to see his smile but all I see is my reflection in the empty window. The store has since closed down and has been empty since the old man passed away. He was a constant fixture there over the years and a lot of the HVAC customers came in to talk to him each day. I think he made it to 87 years old before dying so I guess he had a pretty good run. A lot of my friends have passed away too, reminding me to cherish life while I still have it. I’ll work on my HEPA filter today as it is dirty and needs to be cleaned, reminding me of the old man who I once used to know.

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