Just an hour a day

Did you think that if you work just 1 extra hour at day at your task if you can, that in a matter of weeks you can start saving some extra money? I didn’t think it either until I tried. I was needing to save up to buy a brand new & new central heating & a/c plan unit. And the only way I could do this without running myself into the ground was work 1 extra hour a day at our task with overtime spend money on those hours. And would you suppose it actually worked? Within about 7 weeks I had the money to make the down payment on a brand new & new central heating & air conditioner. This was thanks to the heating & a/c payment plan that the local Heating & A/C dealership had going for all brand new central heat & a/c units they had for sale. This was a good way to get people to buy brand new & new central heating & cooling units when they needed them however could not afford to get the new heating & a/c plan all at once in 1 big payment. With the heating & cooling payment plan you can actually spend money a little per week for up to 5 years! That makes getting a brand new & new central heating & a/c plan affordable for people love me who make an average low however livable income. And it is all from laboring 1 extra hour a day that I could afford to do it!


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