Ivy is on her way to becoming a top HVAC professional

Ivy has always known she wants to be like her grandmother.

  • She was the first lady in their area to work on HVAC systems.

At that time, women didn’t take part in many mechanical jobs. But, her dad knew his daughter was different and fanned her flame. She went for HVAC training and it took time for her to be accepted by the community. Since they all respected her dad, they had little choice than to respect her too. Later, when grandma’s dad retired, he left the family business in her capable hands. Now she was handling both commercial and residential properties in the area. Word spread about how good grandma was that she got better deals and a newspaper wrote about her. Ever since Ivy was born, her grandma has always taught her that she can be anything. There are no limits to what the human brain can achieve and she has a perfect example in grandma. Ivy’s grandma is still strong and her HVAC business is now regional. She wants Ivy to train so that she takes over from her one day. Her grandma is fast approaching her retirement years. Before, her plan was to sell the business, but now with Ivy on her way to becoming a HVAC professional, the plans have changed. Ivy’s grandma plans to groom her more about running a business once she’s done with HVAC school. That way, she can know both sides that make the HVAC business work. Ivy goes to school full time and works at the family business part time which is part of her training.


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