It was so comfortable inside my friend’s place

When I went to visit my friend’s home for the first time, I couldn’t believe how comfortable it was inside, we both live in the city, which means rent is high and apartments are small and stuffy, but her apartment was small as I expected.

Even though she had it designed so wonderfully and it felt much greater than it really was.

Besides the size though, I noticed how good the air quality was, living in the city means a lot of air pollution and smells, but her home air was clean and fresh. It felt like I was walking into an absolutely separate world when I walked through the door. I asked her about the air, and she commented that nobody had ever picked up on it before, she said the landlord had really replaced the entire HVAC method a year prior and the air vents were replaced 4 times per year, and this was abnormal for a lot of landlords in the city because most of them didn’t care enough! My neighbor also said that she invested in a portable whole-home air purifier. Thankfully the home was small, so she only needed one whole-apartment air purifier. The whole-home air purifier was mighty though because the air quality was impeccable. It was so great that I began thinking about investing in the same whole-home air purifier. I wasn’t sure if it was worth it though because I didn’t have a landlord who took as good of care of the HVAC system. However, this was also a strong reason to buy one as well!


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