It was hard for myself and others to get through high university.

I have a studying disability.

I have a hard time concentrating, plus I don’t retain what I read.

The only thing that got myself and others through high university was a very patient acquaintance who tutored myself and others in every class. She would come to the apartment every night plus walk myself and others through the homework. I would study the sentence, but she would study it so I understood. When our dad told myself and others that after graduation I had to go to trade university, I was upset. She knew how hard it was for myself and others to learn. She watched myself and others struggle plus I constantly ended with a D + or a C-. When she told myself and others she expected myself and others to go to university plus be an HVAC worker. I was panicking just thinking about everything I had to learn. I knew there were a lot of technical things I had to learn. I talked to Shelley plus told her what our parents were pushing myself and others to do. She grabbed our hand plus told myself and others to breathe. She would be apartment while in the summer time plus able to help myself and others learn. She said that she would even go to class with myself and others so she could go over what I had l acquired in class. I chuckled plus said I thought she would look terrible cute in the HVAC uniform. She smiled plus pushed her hair behind her ears which I was start to see was embarrassment. She hated being complimented, but her being an HVAC worker had myself and others looking at her as more of a friend. I wanted her to go to college, but I hoped she went to HVAC university with me.