It hasn’t changed much

Our local heating & a/c business recently got under new management… Usually when this happens it can go various weird ways. Either it gets better or it gets worse. Well, in this case it is a sparse thing because it has not changed much at all. It is still the same quality heating & cooling apartment services in the local area & the heat & a/c specialists are the same, just having a new business managing them. They did not fire anyone to update with their own heating & a/c specialists. It seems to have been more of a business deal money wise than anything. I think what I heard was the old owners were retiring so they simply just sold the business itself. And the heating & a/c business that purchased it decided to make no swings at all. The only thing that has truly changed is the name of the heating & a/c business & the design of the Heating & A/C trucks the heating & a/c specialists actually drive. The rest is just the same. If you were to close your eyes & not look at the truck, you would never think they were under new management with a completely new name. I think that is pretty darn cool & amazing to tell you the honest truth of it all. Because most of the time everything swings in situations love this. But not with this beautiful & entirely professional heating & a/c business that all of us are lucky to have in our local area!

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