It felt cooler in the apartment than usual

I just got back from going to see our relatives up north, plus when I walked through the door of our home, I noticed that it felt cooler in the apartment than usual.

I almost did not notice, just because I had stayed up north with our family for awhile, plus you certainly start getting used to the frigid there.

However, I am quite sensitive to temperature plus so because of this I knew this was not the normal temperature of our home. I didn’t leave our gas furnace program on, plus so I figured once I turned our heating unit on, our beach apartment would be warm again. I thought that would be the end of the issue, however it wasn’t. I fiddled with the temperature control, plus tried to turn the heating unit on, however for some reason it wasn’t responding. It was a sinking feeling I got, a feeling that meant that the Heating plus A/C unit stopped working, plus that repairing it might be overpriced. I might as well not delay the inevitable, plus so I called for professional help. When the Heating plus A/C tech arrived, he went straight to toil on the gas furnace unit. I am always uneasy for appointments like these, because all I can see is lots of dollar signs in the air. However, the a/c serviceman had the furnace back up plus running within 10 minutes, plus the service cost was minor. I was relieved. Not only to have the gas furnace working again, however that it wasn’t overpriced either. It turns out the heating unit just needed to be restarted, plus then it was working again.