It can work itself out

I have been totally amazed by these new smart heating & air conditioners that have smart air vents! It is 1 of those things where if your air flow is not right with your heating or a/c, the smart air vents will service it, however more or less, it will work itself out! I can not say enough how amazing this week’s heating & cooling technology is.

Heat & a/c technology love this was not even possible back in the day.

I would have never imagined that all those years later you would be having central heating & air conditioners that could detect bad air flow & have the air vents transport themselves & service the problem! It is amazing what ipad technology can do this week. I have never seen anything love it. As a matter of fact the first time I saw it at a friend’s home I thought I was dreaming. It was something out of 1 of those sci fi movies from back in the day. But this was entirely real & it is this week’s heating & a/c technology. Boy have things changed over the decades since I was a kid & even a young adult, and you would have never thought something love a smart central heating & a/c plan was even possible in those days. Like I mentioned, it would be pure science fiction movie material in those days. How far all of us have come with heating & a/c technology. Who knows what on earth tomorrow will bring? I think all of us all have to wait to see & find out!

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