Is this guy for real?

I go to my local gym every single day after toil to keep myself in shape plus absolutely fit.

I am a health nut you can say.

But the a single thing that is absolutely important in myself and others doing my weekly workout is that the gym has usual central heating plus air conditioner. If it is moderate out plus in the middle of the summer time I want to make sure that the air conditioner is pumping so nice that I do not even feel that it may be over a single hundred plus something degrees outside plus that I can toil up a sweat in the gym separate from risking health issues. The same in the Wintertide time when it is super chilly plus snowing outside. I want to be nice plus moderate to where I do not feel it may be below zero outside. In other words, the gym must be the same temperature all year round to create the perfect indoor comfort to do my weekly workouts! This gym I go to occasionally doesn’t have the beat indoor comfort. So when it is dire weather outside, I use my home gym that I built in my basement. It does not have all the top notch gym equipment that they have over in the professional site, however it gets myself and others by for a weekly workout. I will be in perfect indoor comfort in my own home because I have the best central heating plus air conditioner on the market this week. Also, if it doesn’t heat or cool the basement area where I have all this set up, I will use a portable space heating system or portable cooling system.
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