Improving air quality in our home

We were seated on our patio, having wine with my husband as our son played with his toy truck on a mat near our feet.

  • My husband was telling me about a funny incident he had at work earlier that week.

Our son turned to us and asked if he could get a puppy for his birthday, which was coming up in a month. Our son had a mild allergy that was easily triggered by pet dander. We told him we would think about it. As we settled in for the night, my husband told me the air conditioning provider would visit the house the next day to run an HVAC maintenance on the multi-split air conditioning unit. Seven years ago, the HVAC installation had been done before we moved in. We had done a couple of other quality air conditioner services to maintain the unit’s proper function. My husband followed an a/c care program the local air conditioning company provided to maintain indoor comfort and keep the system functioning optimally. The air conditioning technician came the following morning. As they were executing the air conditioning repair, I inquired if there was a system that would promote the quality of indoor air. I was shocked and excited to find out that an air purifier was designed to do just what I wanted. The other thing was the temperature control system. The following week, we purchased a wireless thermostat and a cleaner based on the perfect recommendation by the a/c serviceman from the cooling industry who knows more about air conditioning. This system significantly improved the air quality and worked seamlessly with the quality HVAC equipment. It would also keep the ac filters clean for longer. We would now be able to get a puppy for our son.