Importance of taking care of the HVAC device

My dad was always a stickler about the HVAC system at our house, and I’m not sure why though, perhaps he had a disappointing experience that I’m unaware of, but he was always insistent about having the HVAC system looked at, and twice per year, every fall and spring, an HVAC specialist would come to our home and tune the HVAC system! A new air filter would be put in and our dad would spend at least one Saturday a month cleaning the condenser component outside.

Seeing this all our life, I grew up to be the same.

When I bought our first house, I understood the importance of taking care of an HVAC system. This is why I bought a home that had a brand new HVAC system already installed. My care for an HVAC system didn’t stop at simply having the system tuned twice per year though. I was also adamant about using the same air filters that my dad used. They’d always worked well for his home, so I knew they would task well for mine. The only thing I needed to change was the size because our air conditioner was a different size. When I hired an HVAC company to repair the HVAC system for the first time, he was impressed by our HVAC know-how, he especially couldn’t believe that I was so adamant about caring for our HVAC system at our age. I took pride in this and I’m proud to say that my dad taught me well.



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