I’m so excited because I can spend more time working on my baby

For the longest time, I have been working on my baby in the garage.

It’s a 1968 Ford Mustang that I was able to get from a junkyard for a reasonable price. I have been working on it in my garage, but a lot of the time it’s either too overheated in there or too cold. My wife said that I should have the ductwork extended into the garage and I should call a local contractor to see if I could have that done. I ended up calling an HVAC company and they were happy to send an HVAC expert out to my place. The HVAC expert admired the car that I was working on and he was telling me about an old school Pontiac Firebird that he was working on. We talked about cars for a little while and then we got down to business. He told me that my HVAC was not sized correctly to extend the ductwork into the garage. He said we could upgrade the AC condenser unit, but it would cost a small fortune. He said the best move would be to have a ductless mini split air conditioner installed in my garage. I thought that sounded more expensive, but he said these systems are relatively cheap especially if they only require a single zone. He said they last a long time too with minimal maintenance, but you do have to take proper care of them by cleaning the air filters regularly. I agreed to the installation. He said I should add some insulation to my garage, and I’ll be in good shape. I did just that and now I can work on my mustang year round with no issues thanks to my new ductless mini split air conditioner which also provides heating in the winter.

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