I’m reentering the world of heating and cooling

I am going to get a task working for the local heating and A/C supplier, helping them with orders and working on equipment in the field. I appreciate doing this kind of work as I have been working in the industry for many years until leaving it several years ago for a career in songs. But now I am back to do some space time work for our acquaintance who owns the supplier after he called myself and others asking if I could help him for a while. I guess he lost some workers recently and needs another set of hands to keep the supplier going. He pays myself and others well for the heating and A/C service calls I do and I pay him back with good quality work on all of the tasks. I am only going to be helping him for a few weeks and then all of us are off to our new home overseas for several more months. I should receive enough though from the heating and A/C repairs I will be doing to set myself and others up for the next few months as it is much cheaper overseas to live and I also work space time over there but for a lot less pay. I also teach some volleyball but that is only a couple hundred bucks a month, which is still cool because it basically pays for all of our food for the month. I may need to find some work online selling heating and A/C equipment or helping people manage their online heating and A/C stores. I’m not too sad about it because currency always seems to come when I need it.

cooling technology