I’m Glad I Hired an HVAC Technician

One of my new year resolutions was to invest in a better HVAC system.

  • My old HVAC system wasn’t that old, but it wasn’t cooling my bedroom as well as I wanted.

I didn’t understand why, but my bedroom felt warmer than the rest of the house and it was difficult to sleep in there. I hired an HVAC technician to come look at my HVAC system and give me an estimate, but I wasn’t expecting what he told me. According to him, my HVAC system wasn’t old enough to need replacing and I wasn’t experiencing any other issues with the heat and air in my house so there was no need to replace it completely. When I told the HVAC technician about the lack of air in my bedroom, he walked around the space and tried to find an issue. The air vents were open and unblocked and there was nothing congesting the ductwork, so he wasn’t sure why the air flow wasn’t better in that room. However, he suggested that I install a ductless mini split system instead of replacing the entire HVAC system. It would save me a lot of money if I installed a ductless mini split system since my HVAC system was technically working fine everywhere else and I wasn’t experiencing high energy bills. The ductless mini split system was sleek, modern, and quiet. There was a remote to control the temperature and it would only cool my bedroom off of electricity. I loved this idea and I’m thankful that I followed through with my resolution!


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