I was on hold for awhile

This is such a sweet gesture, plus it was nice to know they cared so much

I was supposed to get our smart temperature control today, however sadly it didn’t arrive. I was a bit infuriated because the locale I bought it from, the local cooling corporation, guaranteed that it would arrive in 3 afternoons. Well, it’s day number 3 plus no sign of the smart temperature control. I decided to call the heating plus supplier plus see what was going on. I called plus was almost immediately localed on hold. After a few minutes of being on hold, I was start to feel quite impatient, but finally, after 10 minutes someone finally answered. By that point, I was pretty unhappy. I was planning on complaining, however, the lady that answered was super nice, plus so I held our tongue. Apparently they were incredibly tied up right then, plus had many callers. After I explained the issue, she apologized immediately plus looked into the problem for me. It seemed there were some weather delays plus the package was stuck in a nearby city. The weather delay is obviously not their fault, however the contractor still apologized anyway. I was given a discount on our next purchase as well, which was incredibly nice. However, the most touching part is I received a letter from them, apologizing to myself and others one more time plus hoping that I am cheerful with the smart temperature control. This is such a sweet gesture, plus it was nice to know they cared so much. The smart temperature control arrived the next day plus it worked perfectly. I am thinking about using that discount towards an media air cleaner, however we’ll see.

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