I was jealous of their a/c.

You would suppose that when you live in an apartment building, almost everyone would have the same heating or a/c.

  • I can tell you that isn’t the case, but my apartment doesn’t get nearly as much a/c as the apartment next to me.

I was jealous of their a/c. I used every reason I could suppose of to visit my neighbors, because I had cool air for a few minutes. My apartment wasn’t hot, but it was warmer than anywhere else I had been in the building. I called the maintenance man as well as told him about the a/c! He said he didn’t have any complaints from anyone else, so he thought maybe it was just me. I wanted him to come look at the air vents as well as see if there was anything wrong. He wasn’t thrilled to be called, although I needed more a/c. When he got to my apartment, he looked at the temperature control, but it was working well. He then checked the air vents. He said they were truly dirty as well as was going to vacuum them out. Half an hour later, he was back with an industrial vacuum cleaner. The more he sucked out, the more he was finding in the air vent. He asked if I was having a beach party here. He didn’t know the air ducts were that dirty. He said I would need to take what I had because he had to call the Heating as well as A/C supplier as well as get the air duct cleaned before I had more a/c. I would cheerfully wait if it was going to be cooler in my apartment.

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