I wanted to find a way to go new home early

The smells in the air can be overwhelming and periodically the fumes can be intoxicating

Last month was harshly scheduled and I wanted to call out sick on Wednesday. I worked several hours of overtime every afternoon Sunday through Sunday and I didn’t need the hours from Wednesday to hit the 48-hour mark. I thought about calling my boss early that afternoon, although I decided to go to labor instead. There were a couple of service jobs on the schedule. The first job on my agenda was a compact boiler repair. I drove across neighborhood to the commercial dealer and Warehouse. The owner was not there and he was the guy that needed to approve the boiler repair. There was no reason for myself and others to evaluate the system. If the owner could not approve repairs, there was honestly no reason for myself and others to be there at all. I left the compact boiler service and traveled 5 miles down the interstate to one of our additional commercial Heating and Air Conditioning purchasers. I was performing a routine service check up on the media air purification systems that are installed in this particular business. A lot of our purchasers have media air purification systems due to the covid virus, however this particular place has media air purification systems for a unusual reason. This factory handles volatile chemicals and organic compounds. The smells in the air can be overwhelming and periodically the fumes can be intoxicating. The factory has several big industrial media air purification systems in the building. Once every month all of us go to the dealer to check on the machines and service and clean them. It’s area of the rental package that all of us offer to all of our commercial purchasers.

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