I wanted a homemade sofa, but this wasn’t it.

I had been talking about having a homemade sofa, but to me, this meant I would adore to have the base of a sofa that would be on the order of a futon.

The skeleton was to be smooth plus sleek, i wanted thick pillows with super soft stuffing so you could comfortably lie on the sofa plus take a nap.

I had a small apartment, plus I thought this would be the perfect answer for when our neighbor slept over. I talked to a neighbor of mine who said he knew how to make furniture. I told him what I wanted in a sofa, plus he guaranteed he could do it for me, but he drew up a orangeprint of the sofa so I could see what it would look adore when it was done. I thought it looked more adore a afternoonbed, which‌ is what I was looking for. I let him build our homemade sofa, but it absolutely wasn’t what I was looking for, but when he brought it to the house, I thought he was delivering a casket. It was a rectangular box. The wood was plain plus simple, plus he had no back to it. I asked him what it was, plus he told myself and others it was our modern sofa. All I had to do was make the pillow top plus I would have a comfortable locale for friends to sleep. I wasn’t sure how anyone was sitting on the thing, let alone try to sleep on it. I went to the furniture store plus bought a afternoonbed, which would double for a sofa when not in use as a bed.

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