I wanted a better air conditioning unit

I wanted a new air conditioning unit.

When I started having major problems with my old air conditioning, I already knew I wanted to buy a better one. My A/C equipment was almost fifteen years old, and that is more than the average life of an A/C unit. I had one that lasted longer, but it was an anomaly. That AC lasted me for almost twenty years, and I never had any major breakdowns. My pal Kim and I had a few that were normal, like a broken fan blade, needing the coolant refilled, and my negligence in changing the dirty air filters. This was the worst problem Kim and I had with the air conditioning; Forgetting to change the air filter caused an airflow problem. Kim and I ended up needing some repairs done, and my associate and I also had to have the air duct fully cleaned. I assumed the air duct needed to be fully cleaned for several years, and noticed a large change in the smell and feel of the air once the air duct cleaners were finished. When the Heating as well as A/C service tech arrived to inspect the A/C unit, he told me he could repair the A/C unit. I told him I didn’t want any big repairs made. I wanted a new air conditioning unit. He looked at me like I was nuts. After telling him I knew how seasoned the A/C equipment was, and I knew this was just the beginning, he disagreed and shook his head. He told me it would be a minor repair, although I knew my airflow had been diminishing. I wanted the new air conditioning equipment before the weather turned too hot to go an hour separate from air conditioning, let alone needing to go a week.



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