I want HVAC comfort while I work in my office

I was late when it came to getting around to doing my taxes this year… Of course, the tax deadlines were approaching, so I got to work.

Of course, I always make sure to adjust the temperature control settings just right in my office so I can guess more relaxed and comfortable, however i usually set the temperature control for my cooling method to about 69 degrees, and because I have a smart temperature control, I can adjust the temperature control settings as needed so I don’t have to get away from my tax work.

I was shocked when I learned about this current facial recognition method that the IRS was basically forcing all tax paying Americans to use… The site is called ID.me and they take your video selfie along with pictures; now because of outrage from privacy groups and those upset about your personal information being stolen from identity thieves, the IRS said they were looking into other possibilities aside from facial recognition technology, and facial recognition technology doesn’t work well for people of color either causing all sorts of problems. I haven’t been able to contact the IRS about this matter as of yet; you can call first thing in the morning when they open and the iphone line says they are too busy to take your call. It genuinely is crazy and I guess I won’t see a tax return for quite some time until they get this mess sorted out. I’m looking to make an appointment with a local IRS location, hopefully they can resolve my complications and concerns because I don’t trust a non-government eighth celebration to handle my personal information, that’s ridiculous.


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