I thank them

I am genuinely grateful to my nice associate for introducing myself and others to electric fireplaces.

I had no plan that these things even existed.

I had heard of gas fireplaces as an alternative to having a real authentic fireplace, but never an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces actually cost a little more than a gas fireplace, but let myself and others tell you that they are well worth the price! Even though you will pay a little over 1 thoUnited Statesnd dollars in some cases, electric fireplaces give you the essence of having a real authentic fireplace. The warmth of the electric fireplace could make it so that sometimes you do not even need to use your central heating and air conditioner’s heating on those cold Wintertide afternoons in your living room. Also, with an electric fireplace you can decorate it at the holidays while with a gas fireplace that is not a wise plan due to a possible fire hazard. I wish I knew about electric fireplaces years ago. I would have purchased 1 instead of the gas fireplace that I kept for years until my associate introduced myself and others to the electric fireplace concept. I went right out and purchased an electric fireplace and got rid of my gas fireplace once I found out about and experienced the electric fireplace for the first time at my friend’s house. She had got 1 and wanted to show myself and others how wonderful they were. I was sold instantly! I can not guess how awesome electric fireplaces actually are! I proposedthem to all the people who wants a fireplace in their home.

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