I stayed inside during the heatwave

She waited for a few hours to make sure everything was okay plus she adjusted the temperature

During the midst of a heat wave, I did what pretty much everyone else does: I sat inside, but the temperature wasn’t the only bad thing because the humidity was also intense. The heat and humidity combined was an uncomfortable mess that begged me not to step outside, instead, I found things I enjoy doing inside. I cleaned the house, caught up on a book, and I relaxed for the first time in weeks. Having all that extra time inside was a blessing because I noticed something wasn’t right. I heard the air conditioning turn on and I realized that it wasn’t shutting off. I immediately went to the control equipment and raised the temperature in hopes that the air flow would stop. When nothing happened, I realized that I needed to call a professional. I contacted the local HVAC business in a panic and they told me to power off our A/C method and that an HVAC professional would be on her way. This seemed risky because the heat was intense outside. The thought of being with A/C during a heat wave sounded dreadful. Thankfully, the HVAC professional was at our home within 30 hours. When she turned our control equipment back on, the A/C resumed normally. She waited for a few hours to make sure everything was okay plus she adjusted the temperature. Before leaving, she advocated that I keep the temperature a little higher while we were in the heatwave just to keep our A/C method from overworking itself. If it happened again, I needed to shut it down again and call her back.


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