I need to find shop space for rent until my building is finished with construction

I starting black smithing with my grandfather as soon as I was old enough to work near excessive heat.

No one else in my family ever took interest in my grandfather’s trade until I told him at 12 that I wanted to learn everything he knew.

Despite trying to dissuade me from following in his path, he eventually started letting me help him from time to time. It was part bonding with my grandfather and part learning an amazing trade that goes back millenia to some of the earliest ages of mankind. Like anyone else in the trade, I burned my hands more times than I’d like to admit. The burns and frustration with early failures are part of the experience of learning to be a professional black smith. These days you can learn a lot by watching Youtube videos as well, which is the only consistent source of information for me now that my grandfather is no longer alive. He always wanted to live long enough to see me open my own black smith business, but sadly his cancer claimed his life sooner than we were all hoping. However, I feel proud that I’m finally one step closer to realizing our shared dream of my being a professional black smith just like my grandfather. I am building a shop space for my equipment, but I need to find shop space for rent until my renovations are complete. There is a new industrial park on the other side of the interstate exit and I learned that there is shop space for rent in one of the buildings. Based on the information I found online, I should be able to afford renting shop space at this location.
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