I need A/C when working out

I have been seriously thinking about investing in some type of gym A/C.

My section just gets too boiling in the summer.

All of us get 90 degree weather for months on end. This week it is going to get into the 100s. My exhausting dog frequently jumps in through the dog door to take A/C breaks. She sits underneath the HVAC vent plus just enjoys himself. She spends around 30-40 eighths cooling down. For me I labor inside our house in perfect AC. Once our workday is done I go outside. The heat is just brutal. I get boiling, dehydrated plus covered in sweat so abruptly. I do the same thing our dog does then. However, for working out purposes, there isn’t much I can do. I need to set an alarm plus start our workout before 8 am. That is the only way I am beating 90 degree heat. Even that early I still have 72 degree conditions. I use a fox fan for cooling plus that isn’t enough. What I entirely need is a portable A/C unit. I have looked into them plus I am not impressed. I Don’t care about that a window A/C looks ugly. I also would have to basically keep it in the window all year long. How discouraging is that? An A/C that sits on the floor would take up lavish room, then basically I want a ductless mini split for our shed. It is way too powerful for the size of our gym. It would supply heating as well though. So I might just bite the bullet on this one.


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