I miss living in the states

The above title lists some of the andes of living here overseas as opposed to back home in the Sunshine State.

I don’t mind the fire ants so much, however when it comes to sand spurs in my feet I can’t see a single benefit of them.

I know my main gripe when it comes to living back home in the states is all of the driving. I was driving an hour to get to work each day and if you total that up over a 40 year span it comes out to 20,000 hours in a car. The HVAC company where I work here is a more than one hour leisurely walk through town. I don’t like the idea of spending so much of your life in a car with the air conditioning blowing on you instead of the wind outside. I can think of a lot more things to do with 20,000 hours of my time than driving. I could do HVAC component repairs and make a ton of money here in 20K hours time. I have simplified my life to the point where I only have to work about 15 or 18 hours a week to sustain life. I don’t have a big nest egg like some of my HVAC rep friends in the states but I have a freedom that they don’t. I will have enough money for retirement when I am older so I am not sad too much about it. I just want a nice little flat with cold A/C and overheated heating and I am set.



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