I make sure to remember the HVAC equipment outside the house

It’s easy to think that all we have to do is mess with the thermostat for our heating and cooling comfort. That is certainly really all it takes in order to change the heating and cooling comfort. However, there is a lot more that goes into actually getting the HVAC coverage we expect in our homes. And that has everything to do with the HVAC equipment. Until I was a homeowner, my only relationship with the HVAC equipment was the interaction at the thermostat. But once all the heating and cooling issues stopped with me, I got to understand the essentials of heating and cooling. It’s sort of funny that I came away with such a strong appreciation for what the HVAC unit is actually doing. When you learn about how HVAC heating and cooling actually works, it comes with a whole dimension of added respect. And that added respect is reflected in just how I take care of the HVAC equipment. Of course, the heating and cooling equipment get HVAC maintenance seasonally from a certified and licensed HVAC professional. That goes without saying. However, I also like to do all I can to protect the HVAC equipment. And it’s pretty easy to forget the HVAC cabinet outside. So I make sure that it’s covered in the dead of winter to protect the fan and other delicate parts. But I also have covered it with a cage that locks down to deter thieves from ripping apart the HVAC unit in search of copper fittings. Without that HVAC cabinet outside, there would be no running the rest of the heat pump. So I make sure that it gets protected and care for.

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