I love to hit the sauna after a few hours of working out

Getting a raise at work did wonders for my stress levels in general. It’s nice knowing that I can afford things that I would normally cut out of my spending if I was trying to pay bills correctly. I wouldn’t be able to budget for take-out food if I couldn’t even afford my electricity bill. Realistically, I shouldn’t be eating any food out of the house with my financial situation being what it was prior to this raise. As happy as I am for the raise, I know that things could change tomorrow and I would be in a serious panic. If I’m going to spend any additional money that is coming in from the work I’m doing, I’d rather it go towards bills, things to improve the home, or self-betterment exercises. God only knows how much I have tied up in credit cards, and I could benefit from paying off some of the credit line past the minimum bill payment every month. There are also plenty of aspects about the house and what’s inside that could be improved. However, I really wanted to get in better shape and feel better physically. I don’t know any better ways of feeling better and improving my physique than going to a fitness center regularly to lift weights and do cardio workouts. Lucky for me, I found a great gym that has a sauna that I can visit after my workouts to exfoliate my skin and clear my airways. There’s something about the steam that just can’t be replicated in my shower in my bathroom at home. That makes the sauna and steam rooms a huge amenity when considering which gym to select for a full membership.



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